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Client Testimonials

Pam M
Norm, I recommend you expecting the best and you never disappoint me.  Thanks again for your assistance with Mr. Reid. 

Kristi H
Thank you for doing our inspection.  You did a wonderful and thorough job.  We have had 3 inspections in the past 3 years and I would definitely say yours was the most professional and most comprehensive.  Thank you, 

S & J Hatcher
Good Morning,  Thank you so much!  We appreciate the level of professionalism during this inspection as well as the friendly and informative approach - and the quick response with the impressive inspection report.  It was really nice to be able to walk around with you and get familiar with the house - and to be able to ask questions and get answers!  This was money well spent - we feel very confident with the purchase of this home and have peace of mind knowing that the home is in good condition.  We will make sure that the findings are taken care of and move forward with the suggested maintenance tips to ensure that this home remains in quality condition.  Thank you so much.  We will recommend you to others who are in need of home inspections. 

E King,

Hi Norman,  I would just like to thank you again and mention how thorough you were.  We are a tad nervous and it helped to know your attention to detail was really appreciated.  Up until I saw you in action I had little regard for house inspectors!  We have bought and sold several houses over the years and I was never impressed with their work.  You were a pleasure to meet personally.  Warm regards, 

K Stremel

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I was impressed with the level of detail and professionalism of the inspection, the thorough write-up with pictures, and the friendly approach.  Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Trent
Thank you so much!  I wanted to let you know we greatly appreciated your service from the very get go.  You both have been very helpful and walked us through everything.  All the other places I called made it seemed all they wanted was our money.  We did not feel that from you at all.  So we will definitely refer you to our friends and family going forward.

T Scimone
Thank you for your truly excellent service.  I have a friend buying a home and I will recommend you to them _ AND to anyone else I know. 

R Ashby
I was at the house during the entire inspection and enjoyed watching Norm work.  He really is a professional.  His routine and procedures made the inspection go smoothly and with knowledge.  He answered my questions about problems and suggested solutions, ones I could do.  I appreciate both of you working to get this done during the Holiday Season.